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Won’t You Love To Go Without Makeup?

Won’t you love to go without makeup?

Most women would love to go without makeup. Unfortunately, few of them have naturally glowing skin. Instead, most of us have dull skin that looks more like flat paint than a radiant surface. Makeup is not the only way to create a dynamic appearance. Learn the secret ways to deal with dull skin and shed some light on the complexion.

Limited skin care knowledge results in many dull faces in this world. Dull skin is typically caused by a buildup of dead skin cells and a lack of hydration. Age decreases the natural hydration that skin creates from glycosaminoglycans. An easy way to tackle dullness on the surface of skin is to apply a hydrating skin lotion, which provides much-needed moisturizing while eliminating the dry, tight feeling. Daily application of sunscreen is also recommended to prevent additional skin aging.

The outer layer of skin, called the epidermis, is mainly comprised of dead skin cells. When the epidermal cycle slows, skin can appear dull. Age, free radical damage, and exposure to the sun can slow this process of cellular turnover. When dead skin cells build up on the surface of skin, they scatter light, making skin appear lifeless and dull.

During warm weather, people expose their skin to free radicals and ultraviolet rays, causing photo damage and contributing to the loss of a healthy glow. Winter is just as unforgiving on skin, with cold, dry air depriving it of moisture. Hormonal changes only make things worse because a lack of blood flow to tissues gives skin a dull appearance.

Topical application of antioxidants improves the appearance of skin so use an antioxidant-laden face mask every day. Exfoliation gets rid of dry skin cells, revealing healthier skin underneath. A gentle exfoliator is the perfect follow-up to deep cleansing that purifies, nourishes, and balances oil production. Try BioBelle’s  Unicorn Glow Perfect Radiance, which exfoliates naturally and moisturizes skin with Honey, Chocolate & Mulberry.

Increasing cellular activity minimizes dull skin and the cosmeceutical Retinol, included in our Happy Hour Mask, accomplishes this. Vitamin C found in our I Woke Up Like This facial mask helps to improve cell regeneration, contributing to fresh skin and pomegranate extract delivers powerful anti aging benefits by preventing the formation of wrinkles. Regular exercise and a healthy diet contribute to circulation, helping to improve the appearance of skin. Drinking water hydrates skin from the inside and a full night of sleep gives the skin and body time to renew themselves.


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