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What makes Biobelle different?

What makes our mask unique is the use of TENCEL®, a biodegradable fiber made from the pulp of wood from entirely sustainable forests. This technology is new to the industry, and makes our product absolutely cutting edge. Our rich serum is the result of a careful selection of the best ingredients.

The best fiber:

TENCEL®, all-natural and Biodegradable, adheres perfectly to every facial contour, like a second skin and delivers the serum like no other mask.

Outstanding formula:

Gentle, effective and non-toxic. Biobelle’s serum is infused with proven, naturally derived substances, essential oils and gentle preservatives, with visible effects after just the first use. Parabens free, no GMO’s and Gluten free.

Biobelle facial masks are simple to use. Just apply, wait 15-20 minutes and wash off! Facial masks are one of the easiest and quickest ways to improve your skin’s appearance.

Biobelle sheet masks deliver antioxidants faster and deeper into your skin due to is TENCEL® technology, offering outstanding absorption qualities and incomparably imparting our potent age-defying serum to your skin.

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