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#DreamSkin Tencel Mask

Cleanses & Tones

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This delicious Biobelle multi-tasking face mask acts as a skin cleanser, skin tightening and a moisturizing base all in one step. Packed with 7 layers of natural and skin loving ingredients, the refreshing #Dreamskin mask is the perfect way to speed up your morning routine!
This multi-tasking sheet mask will leave skin refreshed, smooth, nourished and glowing. The antioxidant berry complex tones and improves brightness, while green tea revitalizes and restores skin's natural balance. Apple fruit acid acts as a cleanser drawing out impurities as it infuses skin with moisture and vitamins.
Could there be a more magical way to treat your skin?

What makes Biobelle’s mask unique is the use of TENCEL®, a biodegradable fiber made from the pulp of wood from entirely sustainable forests. TENCEL® adheres perfectly to every facial contour and delivers the antioxidants faster and deeper than if you just applied a cream or serum. Biobelle’s TENCEL® fiber allows the ingredients to absorb into skin more effectively because it prevents evaporation.
Could there be a more magical way to treat your skin?

Not tested on animals, Anti-Pollution, Parabens free, Sulfate Free.

9 our of 10 women felt their skin Smoother, Brighter, Clearer & more Hydrated.
Results observed in a Consumer Panel Survey.


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