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DIY Glow Kit

Mix & match 12 masks

From: $47.88 $28.6840% off + free glitter bag!

Choose 12 masks and get 40% off (No promo code necessary).

Simply select 12 Biobelle masks from our range and add them to your own personal kit for a skin routine that is completely unique – just like you!

Sheet masks are a great treat for your skin any night of the week and have been proven to improve skin texture and glow after continued use. This DIY pack of 12 masks is a perfect way to kick-start your journey to a gorgeous and healthy complexion. Not only can you secure a supply of masks for one month or more, but you can also save money by buying them all together! Plus, you’ll receive an exclusive glitter bag to store them in.

Product Quantity


Cleanses & Tones


Perfect radiance


Enhances Natural Glow


Hydrates & Revitalizes


Nourishes & Hydrates


Age Prevention


Purifies & Refines Pores

#Primer Mask

Prep the skin for makeup


Minimizes Fine lines


Clarifies & brightens


Soothes & brightens

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