DIY Glow Kit

Glitter and glow with a skin-saving kit that is completely your own!

Mix and match 12 masks of your choice and get 40% OFF.

If you are looking for an easy way to get glowing skin that is nourished, pore-free and hydrated then this DIY kit will be your new BFF.

Simply select any 12 Biobelle masks from our range and add them to your own personal kit for a skin routine that is completely unique – just like you!

Choose from the cleansing #Dreamskin Tencel Mask, which tightens as well as unclogs, the purifying #Glam Hydrogel Mask, our age preventing #HappyHour Tencel Mask made with skin smoothing retinol and dozens more.

Sheet masks are a great treat for your skin any night of the week and have been proven to improve skin texture and glow after continued use. This DIY pack of 12 masks is a perfect way to kick-start your journey to a gorgeous and healthy complexion. Not only do you secure a supply of masks for one month or more, you can also save money by buying them all together – and you receive an exclusive glitter bag to store them in!

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#DreamSkin Tencel Mask

Cleanses & Tones

#UnicornShake Hydrogel Mask

Clarifies & Brightens

#UnicornGlow Tencel Mask

Perfect radiance

#IWokeUpLikeThis Tencel Mask

Enhances Natural Glow

#Decadence Tencel Mask

Hydrates & Revitalizes

#StayGorgeous Tencel Mask

Nourishes & Hydrates

#AfterParty Tencel Mask

Soothes & Brightens

#HappyHour Tencel Mask

Age Prevention

#Glam Hydrogel Mask

Purifies & Refines Pores

#Primer Tencel Mask

Prep the skin for makeup

#BeautyScoop Tencel Mask

Minimizes Fine lines

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