DIY Glow Kit – For oily skin

With ingredients that refine pores and refresh skin, these masks are your perfect defense against excessive oiliness, enlarged pores, and pimples. When using these masks 3 times per week for 2 weeks, 9 out of 10 women saw clearer skin!

Not only do you receive 1 month supply, but you also get 40% off. It’s the perfect way to sample several masks or save on multiples of the ones you love. It’s a win-win. As an added bonus, the kit also comes with a fun glitter bag to keep your masks in!


4 #Glam with Glycolic Acid & Black Tea

4 #DreamSkin with Green Tea & Apple Fruit Acid

4 #AfterParty with Lactic Acid & Blueberry extract

Use 3 times a week.


$63.88 $38.33 40% OFF + Free Glitter Bag

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