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Happy Earth Month From Biobelle!

Happy Earth Month from Biobelle!

Happy Earth Month from all of us at Biobelle HQ! Here at Biobelle, we are constantly striving to diminish our carbon footprint and help to the environment. Keep reading to learn how we do our part to improve the Earth while improving your skin!

Earthly-Friendly Tencel®

All of our Biobelle masks are made from Tencel®. Tencel® is a biodegradable material woven from raw wood pulp grown on sustainable forest plantations. Through a revolutionary closed-loop process, the raw wood pulp is spun into Tencel® using a solvent spinning process.

The result? A lightweight material that’s way more absorbent than cotton and even softer than silk! Tencel® is also far more eco-friendly than cotton, which has a toxic impact on water and soil.

In fact, Tencel®’s manufacturing process is so eco-friendly, that it was awarded the “European Award for the Environment” from the European Union.

We Support Reforestation

Since we make our masks from a wood product, planting trees is a huge cause for us. After all, trees got us to where we are today!

We are proud to say that we donate 1% of our net sales to reforestation organizations around the world.

For example, we support an organization called Plant One Million Trees. This non-profit is dedicated to planting one million trees throughout the greater Philadelphia area. Plant One Million Trees aims to restore Philadelphia’s tree canopy cover by 30%.

Why We Love Trees

So…why trees? Trees have innumerable benefits for both humans and the environment, including:

Trees Provide Clean Air

Trees provide clean air by transforming carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen. They also reduce air pollution by filtering smog and airborne particulates.

Trees Reduce the Greenhouse Effect

Since trees lower levels of CO2 in the air, they also help to reduce the greenhouse effect of Earth’s atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is the leading cause of global warming.

Trees Provide Natural Air Conditioning

Did you know that trees can actually make their surroundings cooler? Evaporation from just one tree can have the same effect as ten air conditioners running 20 hours per day. Think of the energy savings!

Trees Improve Quality of Life

Access to green spaces has huge benefits for communities. Studies have shown that urban landscaping can help to reduce crime rates, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress.

Trees Filter and Retain Water

Did you know that trees can actually reduce flooding? For example, the street and park trees in Palo Alto can intercept 135 million gallons of rainwater. By preventing stormwater runoff, the community is able to store more water in their aquifer and prevent water pollution in the ocean.

Trees Provide Shelter for Animals

Trees are also important habitats for all kinds of wildlife. From the birds and squirrels that live in city parks, to the deer that live in the forest, all of these animals depend on trees to provide their habitat.

We Strive to Be Better

But that’s not all! We want to continue to improve in the future. We are constantly on the hunt for natural, eco-friendly ingredients for our formulations and packaging. In fact, this search for the best is actually included in our mission statement!

So now you know that every time you use one of our masks, you’re actually helping to plant more trees, which provide clean air, water, and in general make people happy. Just one more thing to love about our masks! We hope that our story will inspire you lend a helping hand and plant a tree in your community.

How do you give back and help the environment? Let us know in the comments!

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