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All About Facial Sheet Masks

All about facial sheet masks

Have you ever Googled “masks”? Were you astonished by the search results? I’ll save you the trouble. Halloween-type horror masks are surprisingly popular. Well, facial sheet masks may not be too far off. When plastered on your face, these wet pieces of fabric kinda make you look like Michael Myers. I kid.

If you’re busy, lazy, love a fun selfie, know zilch about sheet masks yet want to take care of your skin, perk up because this avid sheet masker is going to break things down for you.

Firstly, a sheet mask is an oval piece of fabric soaked in serum that’s rich in skin-loving ingredients. One of my favorite masks, Biobelle’s #Glam Hydrogel Mask, contains Black Tea extract, which is full of antioxidants. Sheet mask serums address a host of skin concerns, so be sure to read the labels. To accommodate the eyes, nose, and mouth, holes are cut out of the material. Sheet masks are usually contained in a single-use packet for convenience and hygiene.

The aforementioned fabric is made from a variety of materials from cotton to hydrogel to bio-cellulose, and TENCEL®. There is constant innovation in sheet mask materials. You might be familiar with the first 3, but what is TENCEL? TENCEL is an all-natural, botanic and biodegradable fiber that is manufactured with wood from a sustainably-managed forest #SaveTheEarth. Biobelle chose this material for its outstanding absorption, flexibility, and malleability, giving way to a perfect fit and adherence. This is important because sheet masks work by creating a seal on the skin to ensure the delivery of serum into the skin while preventing moisture loss due to evaporation. Check out my take on the fit and adherence of #iwokeuplikethis .

We’ve come to my favorite part, using sheet masks. The best thing about a sheet mask is tearing it open, applying it on a cleansed face, and chilling like a villain for 20 to 30 mins. Can’t sit still? Worry not. Sheet masks usually cling onto the face securely and do not get in the way of non-vigorous activities like reading, watching TV, or cooking. And don’t forget to take a selfie with Biobelle’s incredibly adorable #unicornglow. When the time is up, simply remove the sheet mask, pat in the remaining serum, and viola, say hello to hydrated and glowing skin! Top it off with a moisturizer if you feel that you need it. Just don’t sleep with a sheet mask on. This is counter-productive and might even harm your skin.

Let your skin be the one to tell you how frequently you need to mask. Start with one sheet mask a week and work your way up from there. Observe how your skin responds to masking twice a week, thrice a week, and eventually, daily masking. I have found my optimal balance of masking 4 to 5 times a week. My skin gets a chance to allow the nutrients from the sheet masks to work its magic.

You are now ready to take on the world of sheet masks! Packaged in a beautiful box, I personally find Biobelle’s Diary of Beauty makes a great starter kit.

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